Sep - 22 2023

For a list of what each Windows Server Functional Level provides or changes see: As your bring a new Windows Server into your domain and when you make it a Domain Controller Role handler you may need to raise your Domain or Forest Functional Level. First you should review the effects of raising the […]

Sep - 22 2023

If you have an application that is tied to the Print Screen key on your keyboard and it no longer works, but instead opens Snipping Tool follow these steps to fix that problem. Open Settings app Choose Accessibility menu on the left Scroll down to Keyboard below the Interaction heading Use the Print screen key […]

Sep - 15 2023

Microsoft SMTP Server on Windows Server 2022 When going into Internet Information Services (IIS ) 6.0 Manager and right clicking on SMTP Virtual Server #1 and choosing Properties it will display Snapin Error – MMC has detected an error in a snap-in dialog. To get around this problem and to be able to setup SMTP […]

Sep - 15 2023

If you have issues with incorrect font display in FileMaker Pro or other applications where the text is all in symbols rather than what you would normally see this is likely a Windows Font Cache issue.  FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat can have this issue and cause the text in FileMaker Pro to be unreadable.  […]

Jun - 27 2023

Windows Server can be configured as a Authoritative NTP server, follow the steps below to complete the setup and get that running on your Windows Server.  This service is used by Windows Servers and Clients in the domain as a authoritative time server and will get time information from that server.  Other devices that use […]

Apr - 10 2023

If you are missing a folder in Quick Access or if you are trying to Pin to Quick access a item on your Windows 11 computer and that is not showing up follow these steps. Go to %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations In this folder you will find the file f01b4d95cf55d32a.automaticDestinations-ms Move that file to another folder as a […]

Apr - 05 2023

If you have an Excel data file that contains currency, percentages, leading zeros, and dates. And when you merge those fields into a Microsoft Word Mail Merge document and you loose the currency formatting, numbers are not shown as percentages, leading zeros are dropped, and dates are formatted incorrectly follow these steps. Open Microsoft Word […]

Mar - 13 2023

Just like Windows and Mac, Chromebooks have a lifetime of support and updates for the Chrome OS.  There are 2 ways to check your device or look at the lifetime of a Chrome OS device before purchasing. To check a device by model Go to – Scroll down to the Chrome OS devices and […]

Feb - 07 2023

If you want to export the contents of a user in Microsoft 365 to a Outlook PST file follow these steps.  These all should be done using Microsoft Edge.  Microsoft Edge is the only one that seems to work with the export download. Check that your username at Microsoft 365 can Export Sign in at […]

Jan - 18 2023

If you are running of space on your local hard drive in your computer due to the synchronized copies of files from OneDrive you can use Files On-Demand for Windows to reduce the amount of local disk space required. In the lower right of your screen if you see your OneDrive icon click it to […]

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