Jul - 29 2020

CyberArk on 7/29/2020 released on GitHub SkyArc which has 2 modules one for scanning for hidden Admin accounts in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and another for Microsoft Azure.  These tools will find the most privileged entities in the target host using PowerShell. To obtain the tool and information about it see – https://github.com/cyberark/SkyArk Readme file […]

Jul - 29 2020

Microsoft provides a troubleshooting tool SetupDiag that can help determine the cause of a upgrade failure of Windows 10. SetupDiag https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/upgrade/setupdiag Requirements: .NET 4.6 Download SetupDiag.exe, from your Downloads folder double click the SetupDiag program, and if prompted click Yes to approve the program. The program will create 2 files – one is a configuration […]

May - 27 2020

Starting on May 27, 2020 Microsoft has made Windows 10 release 2004 available for seekers.  If you go into Windows Update and check for updates on a computer that is used frequently you should be offered the option to download and install Windows 10 release 2004. There are some new features and changes in the […]

May - 27 2020

Microsoft has included a game Surf inside of Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37 and later.  The game which is based on classic Windows game SkiFree can be played both online or offline by going to edge://surf as the URL. The game has been available to insiders since late February, is now available to everyone with the latest […]

Apr - 09 2020

For Windows 10 Apps you can create Desktop shortcuts by choosing Start, Run type in: explorer shell:AppsFolder Then in the alphabetical list you can right click the App you want to create the shortcut for and choose Create Shortcut You will then be prompted do you want to create the Shortcut on the Desktop, choose […]

Mar - 06 2020

A reminder for Android users, after about 3 years from product introduction updates stop being available for Android devices. Android 10, Android 9 and Android 8 are the only versions currently receiving updates in 2020.  Older versions of Android are vulnerable to malware infections. In comparison iPhone and iPad are updated for 5 years. To […]

Jan - 22 2020

If you are getting an error of 80092004 in Windows update on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows 7 you can install KB4490628 to fix that issue.  This Service Stack update provides support for SHA-2 hash in signed updates. Installing this service stack update will allow you to install updates for Windows […]

Nov - 21 2019

NVRAM or PRAM If you are having issues with sound volume, display resolution, startup-disk selection, time zone, and recent kernel panics resetting the NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac may help resolve the issue.  The NVRAM or PRAM in the computer store information, by resetting this it can resolve some issues. Apple’s page on resetting […]

Nov - 21 2019

If you have uninstalled a 3rd party antivirus software package on Windows 10, and when you try to check on Windows Defender you get the message You’ll need a new app to open this windowsdefender. You can repair the Windows app Windows Defender in PowerShell Click Start, type in PowerShell, right click the icon for […]

Aug - 19 2019

Microsoft from time to time will update the Service Stack that provides improvements to the update process in Windows along with some other Windows features.  The page linked below has all of the latest Service Stack updates for each version of Windows.  These updates should appear in Windows Update as they are released by Microsoft. […]

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