Apr - 22 2021

In the second half of 2021 Microsoft plans to release a one time purchase of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac.  At this time Microsoft is calling the software Microsoft Office LTSC (long term servicing channel) for Windows and Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac.  These versions of Microsoft Office will be very similar to Microsoft […]

Mar - 19 2021

On some HP computers there is a program HP Sure Sense that is preinstalled on the system.  This program is designed to prevent malware and ransomware from getting into the computer.  There have been issues with Google Chrome automatic updates and also with Microsoft Edge, this may also affect other Chromium based browsers like Brave […]

Mar - 19 2021

After installing the March 2021 updates for Windows you could have issues printing separate from the Blue Screen errors that can occur printing to certain printers after installing the March 2021 updates for Windows 10.  When printing to affected printers you may have missing or solid color graphics, misalignment/formatting issues, or printing of blank pages. […]

Mar - 18 2021

In the Windows 10 Action Center – lower right of the screen, you may get what are called Toast Notifications from applications like Microsoft Outlook and other programs on your computer.  These notifications are stored in a database and can be seen by clicking the icon in the lower right of your screen.  The entries […]

Mar - 15 2021

After the March 2021 Security Updates for Windows 10, when printing to certain printers with a Type 3 Driver can cause a Blue Screen Crash.  APC_INDEX_MISMATCH what failed win32kfull.sys.  This does not affect all brands of printers but Kyocera, Ricoh, Zebra, and a few others are known to have issues after this update.  This problem […]

Aug - 28 2020

New in Microsoft Edge is support for the Chromecast devices, if you go to the menu in the upper right, choose More tools, Cast media to device.  You will be prompted with Click Restart and your copy of Microsoft Edge will be able to use the Chromecast device and others that use DIAL protocol for […]

Aug - 10 2020

If you have been trying to do updates via the Lifecycle Controller via FTP and they are failing.  The FTP method can only obtain the catalog of updates, but not the update itself. If you have a 14th Gen server with iDRAC9, you will need firmware release or later to support HTTPS downloads properly […]

Jul - 29 2020

CyberArk on 7/29/2020 released on GitHub SkyArc which has 2 modules one for scanning for hidden Admin accounts in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and another for Microsoft Azure.  These tools will find the most privileged entities in the target host using PowerShell. To obtain the tool and information about it see – https://github.com/cyberark/SkyArk Readme file […]

Jul - 29 2020

Microsoft provides a troubleshooting tool SetupDiag that can help determine the cause of a upgrade failure of Windows 10. SetupDiag https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/upgrade/setupdiag Requirements: .NET 4.6 Download SetupDiag.exe, from your Downloads folder double click the SetupDiag program, and if prompted click Yes to approve the program. The program will create 2 files – one is a configuration […]

May - 27 2020

Starting on May 27, 2020 Microsoft has made Windows 10 release 2004 available for seekers.  If you go into Windows Update and check for updates on a computer that is used frequently you should be offered the option to download and install Windows 10 release 2004. There are some new features and changes in the […]

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