E-Mail Security

I am working with the product Proofpoint Essentials and I am able to help you implement a secure method to keep out the viruses, phishing messages, and junk email (SPAM).

Proofpoint is currently the leader in Gartner’s reviews of E-Mail Security tools for 2021.

There are 3 packages available each providing you continuity during a outage of your email server, your Internet Connection to your mail server, and knowing if someone has sent you a message.  Each one provides you with a quarantine of messages that are considered to be junk, which your can whitelist or release to review.

Why should you consider Proofpoint Essentials for your E-Mail protection, security, and continuity.

Proofpoint Essentials works with Office 365 for both inbound and outbound email protection, view the linked website to understand that the security provided by Office 365 alone is not enough to protect your email.  Why you should consider Proofpoint Essentials over Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection that is a part of Office 365.  Top 10 reasons why Customers Choose Proofpoint Essentials to secure Office 365.  Solution Brief on Proofpoint Essentials for Office 365.

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