Password Managers

There will always be passwords required to login to so many applications and web sites you visit.  The easier the passswords are to guess the more likely your account will be taken over or misused.  How do you create a secure password, many sites ask for 1 uppercase letter, a number and a symbol, but is that enough?  Honestly the easiest ones are based on your name, a number sequence like 123456, or a variety of common words or sports teams.  Do not let yourself fall into having your accounts taken from you, without you being aware.  The use of Password managers can help not only keep track of the passwords, but can also help generate hard to guess passwords along with the ability to share the passwords among your devices (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) and browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari)

Microsoft’s Recommendations for Passwords May 2016 good information for users and administrators.

Most Hacked Passwords in the World from Safety Detectives

The most popular Password Managers are:

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