Font Cache Issues – How to Fix

Sep - 15 2023 | By

If you have issues with incorrect font display in FileMaker Pro or other applications where the text is all in symbols rather than what you would normally see this is likely a Windows Font Cache issue.  FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat can have this issue and cause the text in FileMaker Pro to be unreadable.  Other applications can also be affected by this as well like Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Open Services in Windows, look for Windows Font Cache Service, stop that service.
  2. Go to your Windows folder, double click ServiceProfiles, LocalService, AppData, Local, FontCache – you may have to agree to proceed to these folders to grant you Administrative rights to access this folder
  3. Delete all of the FontCache files and the Font folder in this location
  4. Back to the Windows folder, System32, delete the FNTCACHE.DAT file.
  5. Restart the Windows Font Cache service.
  6. Lastly restart Windows

After this Windows will rebuild the FontCache and this should correct the display of text in your program.