Windows 11 Widgets How to Fix

Dec - 26 2023 | By

If you do not have the widget button displaying in the lower left corner of your screen here are some steps to fix it.

Check in Settings, Personalization, Taskbar make sure Widgets is On.

If Widgets is on and you either have a box with blue outlines around it or just a sun and clouds and it will not open or opens but does not display anything follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Microsoft Edge and Edge WebView2 Components are up-to-date and the same revision. Easiest way to check in Control Panel, Programs and Features, look for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime in the last column it will show the version.  You can repair/update each of these programs by Repair or Change.
  2. In the search type in Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.
  3. In the prompt that is displayed type in – winget uninstall “Windows Web Experience Pack”.
  4. Type in exit to close the Command Prompt.
  5. After that process completes the uninstallation of the Windows Web Experience, we can install that feature – Windows Web Experience Pack from the Microsoft Store.
  6. After that installation is completed restart your computer and the Windows 11 Widgets should work again.

Other issues are usually related to Edge or Edge WebView2 Runtime, make sure those are up-to-date.