Networking is crucial to support PC’s, Servers, Tablets, Smartphones and all the peripherals that are used in a office today. With Virtualization implementing a well designed and configured network is crucial to getting things to work.

Wireless there have been many standards (A,B,G,N,AC), 2 frequencies of radios (2.4GHz and 5GHz), and many speeds that go from 11MB/s to 867MB/s.  I have installed many systems by Cisco and Ubiquiti I also can help determine location that will get you the best coverage for your wireless service.

Hardwired connections – RJ45 plugs,  jacks to connect the equipment, and patch panels along with proper connection can greatly improve the existing hardware you may already have.  Wiring is crucial to good network performance.  Fiber is a great solution to increase speed and increase distance of your network.  There are many standards of copper twisted pair wire, and there are at least 2 major types of fiber.  When looking at 1GB, 10GB, and 100GB Ethernet the wiring infrastructure needs to be a the best shape possible.

Brands of Networking Equipment: Cisco, Dell, HP, Juniper, Ubiquiti and others


  • Wireless
  • Layer 3 Routing
  • Routing
  • Switching – Layer 2
  • POE – Power Over Ethernet
  • NAT & PAT Network Address Translation Port Address Translation
  • IPv4 to IPv6
  • iSCSI
  • QOS – Quality of Service
  • VLANs
  • VPNs
  • Caching Engines
  • Web Filtering
  • Network Filtering/IDS Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
  • Bonding
  • VoIP from Avaya, Cisco and NEC
  • Avaya IP Office 500
  • Cisco UC500 Series Phone Systems, CCME Cisco Call Manager Express, Cisco Unity Voicemail
  • NEC IPK II, SV8100 phone systems
  • Cloud IP Phone Systems
  • VoIP, SIP Trunks, T1 PRI
  • Monitoring, Syslog, and SNMP
  • Choosing the best Internet provider
  • Choosing a dedicated circuit provider
  • Choosing a MetroEthernet provider
  • Meet PCI Compliance