Google Chrome 68 marks sites as Not Secure

Jul - 25 2018 | By

Google released the newest version of Chrome, version 68.0.3440.75.  This new version fixes 42 security issues, 5 rated as high, 22 rated as medium, and 5 as low the others are at the highest level and have not been disclosed yet.  This new version will show sites that do not have a secure https connection as Not secure in the navigation bar, as shown in the image below.

 Chrome 68 Not Secure

This is something Google has been pushing for quite some time, and for sites that gather personal information and may take payment information is very important for users to be aware of.  If you have questions about how to secure a website or what this means I would be happy to help. For comparison sakes you can see how or my web site at to see a secure website and that it states Secure next to the URL. In one of the next versions of Chrome, the Secure marker next to https sites may be removed and only Not secure label to the left of the URL will be displayed.

HTTP Sites Marked as “Not Secure”

In Chrome 68, Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning on all HTTP pages. We announced this in a blog post published on February 8th on Google’s Chromium and Online Security blogs.

To ensure that the Not Secure warning is not displayed for your pages in Chrome 68, we recommend migrating your site to HTTPS. The following migration guide provides migration recommendations and addresses common migration concerns such as SEO, ad revenue and performance impact.